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Our Curriculum: Biblical, Gospel-centric teaching for the multicultural world of today! 

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Welcome to Washington Theological Seminary! We welcome all prospective students who have a hopeful, passionate drive to change the world with the Word of God. WTS’s highly qualified faculty members are here to assist you every step of the way along your path to academic and spiritual success. 

Washington Theological Seminary offers the following educational programs:

Undergraduate Program

Graduate Programs

Graduation Ceremony

Statement of Academic Freedom

Washington Theological Seminary is fully committed to the protection of academic freedom. Students have a right to inquire about and to express truth in whatever forms it is found. A diversity of opinion, course content, and teaching methods are all welcome here and are seen as contributing to the growth of WTS and the knowledge of its students, faculty, and staff. 


Academic Honesty and Integrity

WTS values and demands academic honesty, ethical conduct, and personal integrity in and out of the classroom. Coursework is expected to be representative of actual student learning. Cheating, plagiarism, or the use of AI in any assignments, tests, papers, or applications will not be tolerated in any form. 

Academic Dishonesty Procedures

Any evidence of improper communication, use of notes or books, sharing exam answers, substituting a test, or giving examination answers to other students  will be sufficient ground for a member of the faculty to collect the examination papers of the involved student(s) and to dismiss the student(s) from the classroom. Such offenses will result in an automatic “F” grade for the examination and the course. Students involved in cheating will  be placed on academic probation or suspension.

The involved faculty member must prepare and submit and an Academic Incident Report describing the unprofessional conducts and/or behavior of the student(s) and submit to the Academic Dean. All Academic Incident Reports will be handled by the Academic Office.

The Academic office shall advise the student(s) in writing within a period of five (5) working days. The Registrar will record in the student(s) academic records a notation “Probation for Academic Dishonesty” along with the date of the reported incident. Upon receipt of the written notice from the Academic Office, the student(s) will be given a period of five (5) working days to appeal the decision.  No appeal can be accepted beyond the specified time.


A Note on Nomenclature

Academic honesty is commonly referred to as “Personal Integrity” in official documents or publications published and released by the Seminary.

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