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Doctoral Program

The Doctor of Christian Education (D.C.E.) program is a doctoral degree program with a special focus on Christian education, designed to prepare students for professional careers in teaching, writing, and scholarship either in academic institutions (colleges, seminaries, or universities), churches, or in religious organizations. Graduates, grounded in solid scholarship, will be able to apply biblical and theological principles to the problems of Christian education in the contemporary world. Class lectures are designed to provide the most current knowledge of biblical and theological analysis as well as trends in Christian education. Each student is provided with a primary advisor for their dissertation. The primary advisor supervises his or her student as they conduct topic-specific research. Aside from a student's primary advisor, at least two dissertation committee members will help guide each student's dissertation from inspiration to completion. The D.C.E. program fosters an ethos of mutual learning to encourage the development of constructive and collaborative habits among students. 

D.C.E Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Articulate biblical and theological foundation for Christian education.

  • Critically evaluate and integrate educational theory and practice as they relate to local church and other ministry contexts.

  • Implement effective leadership in educational settings.

  • Apply doctoral level research methods and skills in the chosen field of study.

  • Apply a dissertation project into professional ministry.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Complete all courses and have completed the minimum hours of attendance at WTS; Or Completed at least 25% of full-time resident study as a student at WTS.

  • Complete and publish the dissertation, upon the approval of the Dissertation Committee.

  • Receive recommendation for an award of a degree from D.C.E. program chair.

  • Be cleared of all indebtedness and other obligations to the Seminary prior to graduation.

D.C.E. Curriculum (Total 48 Credits)

Project Methodology: 4 Credits

  • Foundation for Theological Studies

  • Doctoral Research Seminar

Doctoral Seminars: 32 Credits 

  • Foundations of Religious Education

  • Educational Theory and Ministry Practice

  • Educational Leadership

  • Teaching Principles and Methods in Higher Education

  • Social and Organizational Change

  • Human Development and Christian Formation

  • D.C.E. Electives

Dissertation Writing: 12 Credits 

  • D.C.E. Research & Writing

  • Dissertation Writing & Defense

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