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Scholarships & Financial Aid


Washington Theological Seminary Scholarship Opportunities 

Washington Theological Seminary reserves the right to create and to select scholarship opportunities that align with the school's mission and values. WTS also reserves the right to decline scholarships if the sponsoring organization or its affiliates are deemed to be unaligned with the school's mission and values. Washington Theological Seminary does not currently offer Federal Financial Aid.

Scholarship Requirements

1. Students must submit an application for their desired scholarship(s) every semester. 

2. WTS does require letters of reference and other documentation for certain scholarships. What types of documents are needed for which scholarships are delineated below. Applications that do not have additional documentation for the scholarships that require it will not be considered by the Scholarship Committee. 

3. To be eligible for any scholarship, a student's  cumulative GPA must be above 2.0.

4. If a student drops out or withdraws or otherwise does not complete the degree plan they are enrolled in at WTS, the student must repay the total amount of scholarship they have been awarded. 

Types of scholarships

Washington Theological Seminary offers the following scholarships:

  1. The Academic Achievement Scholarship

The Academic Achievement Scholarship can be awarded to students with a GPA of 3.75 or higher. Please note that this scholarship is for continuing students only and that having the required GPA does not guarantee a student this scholarship. New students may not apply for this scholarship. 

​2. The Active Pastor and Missionary Scholarship 

The Active Pastor and Missionary Scholarship can be awarded to students who are active pastors, associate pastors, or active missionaries. Applicants must work in a seminary, church, or mission agency recognized by WTS. To fully qualify for this scholarship, the student must submit a letter of reference, which must be on the ministry or church's letterhead, and should include the name and signature of the head of that church or organization. Applications for this scholarship that are submitted without the letter of reference will not be considered by the Scholarship Committee. 


3. The Designated Scholarship

Other organizations such as churches or different charitable organizations are the ones who initially grant Designated Scholarships. If a new or continuing WTS student is awarded one of these, the scholarship must first be approved by the Scholarship Committee before those funds can be dispersed.  

4. The Minority Scholarship

These scholarships are available to students who are involved in minority mission projects. 

​5. The Pastor, Missionary, and Current Mission Family Student Scholarship 

The Pastor, Missionary, and Current Student Family Scholarship will be granted to an immediate family member (either a husband, a wife, or a child) of an active WTS student. 

Internal regulation of WTS Scholarships

  1. The Scholarship Committee Members are the Academic Dean,  Dean of Student Affairs, and     

     the Administrative Director. 

2. The chairman of the Scholarship Committee is the Dean of Student Affairs. 

3. The amount of each scholarship is estimated by the Scholarship Committee and is approved by the Board of Trustees.

4. Once approved, the funds of each scholarship are then applied to a student's bill. Remember that students must repay their scholarship  if they don't complete their program, if they drop out, or withdraw from  WTS.


Fill out your application

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