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Welcome to the Washington Theological Seminary!


We welcome you to explore what WTS has to offer and pray that you find even more than you expected!


WTS was founded in 1983 for the purpose of training and growing qualified ministry leaders that are wholly committed to the Word of God. Over decades we have become an international biblical seminary with over 200 students from over 25 countries.

The main mission of WTS is to train the Lord’s disciples to change the world. We are ready to equip you with a biblically based education and biblically integrated training necessary for service through ministry, missions, and professional occupations around the world. We are also continuing to expand education programs for students to serve and raise up local churches.


WTS will equip you to devote all of your gifts to the task of biblically integrated spiritual development. 

We will strive to enrich your spiritual lives through classes with both theoretical and praxis as shared by Jesus Christ. 


If you are interested in applying to WTS, or just curious about WTS, do not miss this opportunity!


Would you like to change the world with the word of the Lord?


Join WTS and change the World!


In Christ’s Grace, 


Ouk Sub Lee, Ph.D., D.Min.


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