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Institutional Philosophy


Washington Theological Seminary provides a biblically integrated education to equip students for works of service, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, through ministry and professional occupations. 



In line with its Mission Statement, Washington Theological Seminary will strive to achieve the following institutional goals: 


  • Spiritual Understanding and Knowledge of Bible Doctrine and Truth
    WTS is committed to providing every WTS graduate opportunities to encounter better academic disciplines, God’s wisdom and spiritual challenges through a well-organized curriculum. WTS will help students demonstrate their personal maturity through spiritual and intellectual ways.  


  • Scholastic Excellence
    WTS is committed to offering, achieving and maintaining higher academic qualities in teaching, research, and writing. The quality of teaching will be enhanced through varying teaching models, proper evaluation, and feedback. The development of new innovative teaching models and excellent teaching materials will be supported and appreciated. 


  • Competency in Vocational Ministry
    WTS is committed to meeting the demands of the present-day Church. WTS will continue to develop programs to provide students opportunities to train for a wide range of Christian service.


  • Involvement in Christian Service through Church and Society
    WTS is committed demonstrating and calling out a quality of discipleship based on a biblical creationism worldview which applies the biblical standards of love and forgiveness to all human relationship. WTS will help churches establish a relationship between evangelism and social issues based on a biblical creationism worldview. 


  • Spiritual Growth and Leadership
    WTS is committed to strengthening the theological foundation and the development of spiritual growth and leadership of faculty members by giving opportunities to integrate ideas, research and current theological topics. 


  • Understanding and Acknowledging Biblical Creationism Worldview
    WTS is committed to featuring a series of Biblical Creationism Worldview Programs, such as seminars and public presentations and forums, in order to cultivate the ability of Christians to be scientifically apologetic. WTS will endeavor to provide an atmosphere in which students and faculty can have meaningful interactions through lectures, seminars, and social media. 




Based on its Mission Statements, Washington Theological Seminary will endeavor the following educational objectives: 

  1. Spiritual understanding and growth
    To nurture in students the desire for a proper relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ and encourage them to show their desire in oral and/or written format. 


  2. Knowledge of biblical doctrine and truth
    To assist students in the acquisition of a thorough knowledge of the Bible and its systematized teaching, and to enable them to demonstrate their knowledge of the Bible and the understanding of Christian doctrine. 


  3. Scholastic excellence
    To promote in students the importance intellectual discipline and attainment through a growing comprehension of truth and to equip them to demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in a biblical and theological perspective. 


  4. Competency in vocational ministry
    To prepare students to assume professional roles in the ministries and professional occupations that they will be involved in spreading God’s Word and to encourage them to demonstrate their skills and knowledge within ministry and/or professional fields. 


  5. Involvement in Christian Service
    To encourage students to use their training through field education to reach others for Christ and to make them actively represent their Christian lifestyles of service and leadership.


  6. Spiritual Growth and Leadership
    To provide students opportunities that enhance and develop spiritual faith, believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, and evangelical leadership and to help them demonstrate noticeable progression in their spiritual expedition and evangelical leadership formation.  


  7. Understanding and Acknowledging Biblical Creationism Worldview
    To prepare students on how to answer questions regarding faith in Jesus Christ and Biblical Creationism even in the age of advanced science worldviews and to help them demonstrate the proper attitudes base on the Biblical Creationism Worldview on varying issues around the World.

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